Sophie Hellyer

John D. Lui

Because of her profession as professional surfer, Sophie Hellyer spends almost everyday on the beach and in the sea. It is there, that she witnesses the distrubing amount of waste washed upon the shore, every day. In her passionate and inspring talk, she finds answers for cleaner beaches..
John D. Liu underlines the importance of life, nature, and the earth in relation to humans. Through his camera lense, he documented dessertified landscapes that years later, through eco-system restoriation, turn into green oases and fertile agricultural areas.

Deagan Miller

Aniela Hoitink

Deagan Miller takes us through a history of trees and forests. As he has always felt at ease in the woods - he is concerend with what will happen now that forests are rapidly declining worldwide. He now challenges us, who are we and where are we, when all the trees come down?
Aniela Hoitink knows the importance of dressing to feel good, but she is at pain with the polluting effects behind the fashion industry. With her inventive way of making dresses and garments by using mycelium, the root of funghus, Hoitink invites us to re-think the way we are producing, using and re-using clothes.

Alex van Tuyll

Roanne van Voorst

Alexander van Tuyll does not question where to find the answers for a more sustainble world. In his passionate talk, he argues that life itself has the greatest potential to transorm cities and peoples waste into valuable resources. Alexander van Tuyll is a student of bio-systems engineering at Wageningen University.
Roanne van Voorst has a clear messsage for everyone who wants to make this world more sustainable: you are a changemaker. At least 3 times a day. Van Voorst invites us to re-think the way we see animals and animal products by showing a suprisingly big global trend..

Charlie Williams

Donatella Gasparro

Charlie Williams knows that in order to become successful, it is important to know when to quit. But he really knows the art of quiting. In this inspirational and insightful talk, Williams takes you on a journey through his multi-artistic life - and ecourages you to explore yourself by identifying what's holding you back in connection and growth Charlie Williams is a new media artist and composer working with electronics, sound, software and video.
Donatella Gasparro takes us on a poetic journey through life, growth and love. Gasparro hands us her Italian style interpretations and messages inspired by nature. Listen closely and enjoy the sweet words. Donatella is MSc Organic Agriculture student at Wageningen University, interested in vegetable production in a funky environmentally friendly way, trying to combine flowing shapes and species associations in order to let plants help each other.

Joris Wabeke

Hidde Boersma & Joris Lohman

Indie, pop and folk is what brings this passionate sing and song writer to the stage. Joris Wabeke takes us away with his own music, inspired by nature and hope. Joris Wabeke is a young talented singer-songwriter from the Hague, Netherlands, who performs under the stage name of 'Jori Wabiki'.
Joris Lohman and Hidde Boersma have different interets and goals when it comes to sustainability; identifying themselves as a wizzard and a profet. Yet, their philosphy lies not within a focus on differences but exploring common goals in order to ensure better cooperation and collective change.