Emma Holmes is an energetic Master of Ceremonies. With her bubbly attitude, quick wit and her ability to get the audience moving, she is a popular pick for both fun and serious events.

Each decade of her life she has (mostly unwillingly) moved to a new country. This, coupled with a tendency to speak before thinking, has lead to many hilarious situations. As a performer she spends most of her time talking about these moments and pretending that nothing like that will ever happen again.

She is a professional storyteller, comedian and entertainment entrepreneur. As the founder of EEH Productions, an entertainment and training company, she is kept busy with monthly theatre productions and soft-skills training workshops. As well as an array of hosting jobs.

EEH Productions is the company responsible for the sudden growth of alternative entertainment events in Wageningen. These include the Wageningen Storytelling Nights, Wageningen Comedy Club and Slamtastic Poetry Slam.

Emma trained as a food technologist which was an excellent stepping stone into the world of entertainment. Until TedxWageningen invited her to host their Green Wave event she genuinely thought she may never have use for her acquired foodie knowledge ever again!

In her spare time Emma loves to write, produce videos, cycle and eat. She also has a fabulous collection of eclectic and colourful socks."

Photo Credits: Menschel Applied Photographic Art, Marco Mega, Guy Ackermans