Emma Holmes


Emma Holmes is a bubbly and highly entertaining Master of Ceremonies (MC). She is a top pick for the role of MC thanks to her lightning quick-wit, interactive audience games and ability to host both serious and fun events in a way which makes everyone feel at ease.

She has lived each decade of her life in a different country. Obtaining a sense of humor from the English, a love of food from the French and an obsession with bikes from the Dutch. At this stage she doesn’t know where she should say she is from, so she got an Irish passport instead.

Emma Holmes is a professional performer and entertainment entrepreneur. She is a storyteller, comedian and improviser. As the founder of EEH Productions, an entertainment and training company, she is kept busy with monthly theater productions and soft-skills training workshops. As well as an array of MC-ing jobs.

EEH Productions is the company responsible for the sudden growth of alternative entertainment events in Wageningen. These include storytelling, comedy, improv and poetry nights, as well as some science-based entertainment shows.

Outside of her career Emma is most proud of her long-distance cycling trips and her fabulous collection of eclectic and colorful socks.

Contact: emma@eehproductions.com