Open positions

Chairman - The chairman is a strong inspiring leader who will be the face of the team. Chairman's tasks include managing the team throughout the year and keeping an overview of the entire process. On the other hand the chairman is the link between the team and the external parties, actively engaging with the university and the community.

Secretary - The secretaries roles include documenting core team meetings, managing the agendas, managing the team’s calendars and assisting the chairman with internal organizational tasks.

Event experience - This team will deal with creating an amazing experience for the attendees of the TEDx event. From stage & venue design, to any activities that will be taking place outside of the main talk hall that involve community engagement.

PR & Design - This team is in charge of communication, promotion and anything digital. This includes managing all social media platforms and a website, as well as creating the content to share in these platforms whether it be digital design and animation, or textual information.

Logistics - The logistics team is responsible for making sure that everything before, during and after the event carries out flawlessly. The team will secure a venue, catering, AV tech, accomodation for speakers & performers, etc.

Speakers - The speakers team has the exciting task of carefully selecting the speakers and performers who will be featured on the main stage. Once these amazing people are selected, the team is in charge of all communication with the speakers, providing for their needs, organizing speaker coaching, and more.

Finance - Within this team there are two main roles - treasuring and acquisition. The finance team is in charge of securing sponsors to fund the event, as well as making sure the books are in order!

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