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Core team 2020

 Enthusiastic about TED talks ?

Want to experience what it’s like to organize one ?

After the success of the event Grow with the Flow 2019! We are looking forward to form the team of 2020.

This is your chance to explore.
To be one amongst the people working towards spreading the,

"Ideas worth sharing"

If you are interested in joining the core team, please apply by filling out the application form:

Job descriptions


As a chair, you will be the lead organizer of the next edition of TEDxWageningenUniversity. This means you will have a lot of responsibility. Luckily you won’t be doing it on your own, as you will be working with a dynamic, diverse team that will help you manage the many requirements of the TEDx event. Your main job will be to manage the executive team. This position is a great opportunity that will help you further develop your leadership skills. 

Skills we are looking for: 

  • Leadership: Keeping the team motivated and involved. 

  • Organized: Your team will rely on you to have an overview of things that need to be done. By taking the time to organize all tasks and responsibilities and making overviews of it, you can make sure everyone knows what to expect. 

  • Communication: You will be the contact person for a lot of people involved in the organization. 

  • Hard-working: Combining this role with your study program is well possible, but requires a lot of determination. 

  • Affinity with TED videos

  • Ready to take on a new challenge


The secretary/vice-president makes sure that everyone is able to complete their tasks and help where needed. The secretary has various tasks, ranging from plannings over sponsor booklets to making the minutes of the meetings. As secretary, you support the chair in the daily functioning of the team, making sure that everyone stays motivated. Keeping an eye on the overwhelming mailbox is another daily occupation of the secretary.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Organized

  • Ability to keep the overview of the whole team

  • Proactive

  • Flexible: Help the chair with various tasks, often on a short notice

Acquisition Manager

As an acquisition manager, it is your task to find funding for the event via subsidies and partnerships with companies. Together with your team you will set goals and ask yourself the question: what makes a TEDx-event valuable for companies and other organizations? And how do we improve this value? The next step is to approach organizations. Together, you will make appointments, meet a lot of businesspeople in and around Wageningen and create partnerships to make TEDx 2020 possible! 

Skills we are looking for:

  • Preferably, being able to speak Dutch.

  • Social & communication skills: partnership arrangements need to be constantly communicated to the rest of the team so that you do not have to make empty promises.

  • Openness to advice and help: networking and finding interested people is something everyone can help you with.

  • Determination. Finding funding is detrimental to the success of the event. An acquisition team can make or break the organization of a TEDx event. 

  • Flexibility in time.

Event Experience Manager

As an Event Experience Manager, you will be in charge of the stage design of the TEDx event and the activities prior to the big event like the AID Info market and the annual Pitch Night. You keep an eye for the critical elements of the stage design that give our speakers confidence in their presentation and which creates a unique and spectacular experience for our attendees. While the event is not just about the speakers, you also find ways to bring the attendees closer to each other, let them engage in event activities and spread ideas. This is an excellent experience to allow your creative thinking to harvest!

Skills we are looking for:

  • Creativity: come up with fresh and unique ideas for the stage design, experiences for attendees to WOW them. 

  • Set up activities: Come up with concepts for the AID Info market (how to attract more people to the stand and spread awareness, how to make the Pitch Night fantastic), interactive activities for attendees.

  • Crafting: you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and craft something awesome to overwhelm the attendees.

Logistics Manager:

As the logistics manager, you will be in charge of major elements during the event like finalizing a location catering along with pre-dinner for the speakers, accommodation and travel for the speakers and arranging audio visuals. Moreover, making arrangements for the Pitch night that takes place a couple of months prior to the event is your responsibility. You will have to work with your team to contact hotels, possible locations and AV companies to get their quotes and work with the finance team to ensure the arrangements made are within budget. Another major aspect is to work together with all other teams like Finance, PR, Acquisition, Event experience and Speakers to ensure information is being communicated well.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Well organized : you need to have things planned well and have the required information to inform your teammates.

  • Negotiation skills : ability to negotiate in order to get the best possible deal from the companies to stay within budget but not compromise on quality.

  • Thinking on your feet : Unexpected situations and challenges may pop up before and during the event. You should be able to handle them and find a quick solution to curb the problem.

Public-Relations Manager:

As the PR-manager you will be responsible for the communication and promotion through all existing social media platforms.From managing and updating the website to putting out creative content regularly by means of digital design, animation or textual information. Taking care of the ticket sales and boosting it by coming up with creative ideas while promoting it physically as well as mentally. Keeping up with the university events and making sure the organisation’s presence is felt there by contributing to it in possible ways.Another major task will be to organize the photographers for the event and making sure the desired output is received. A team with a bit of experience on digital platform, designing and website handling is what you will need.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Creative and someone with a bit of experience with social media or marketing. 

  • Flexible: A need for promotion can come up any time, you need to be ready to take up/ assign the task on time.

  • Love for PR: Being the face of TEDx Wageningen University you will need to be careful to adhere to the rules at the same time making the most out of it and have a good online presence all throughout the year.