Daegen Miller

Natural Historian, Book Writer, Essayist, Critic

Daegan is a passionate, up and coming writer who focuses on how the past affects the present. Though he received a PhD in history from Cornell University, his passions have always been literary. In particular, he muses of how people can live in a world of justice, greenery, and freedom for everyone, and has written several essays and articles covering a variety of topics from cancer, radical environmentalism and natural history. His most notable work, the book This Radical Land: A Natural History of American Dissent was published just earlier this year. Daegan has also contributed to the first international museum exhibit on the Anthropocene, hosted by Germany's Deutsches Museum.
Find out more on his website at https://www.daeganmiller.com.

Sophie Hellyer

Surfer, Feminist, Environmentalist

Sophie is - among many things - a surfer, writer, environmentalist, feminist and public speaker. She was previously an English and British Champion surfer and loves the water and ocean. Thanks to her athleticism and profound connection with the ocean, Sophie’s passion to create positive social change has led her to take a proactive approach in both protecting our oceans and fostering diversity in sports.
Find out more about her here: https://www.sophiehellyer.com



Marieke Eyskoot

Sustainable Lifestyle Expert, Author and Public Speaker / Presenter 

Marieke Eyskoot is sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert, putting contemporary and eco-conscious living firmly on the map. Marieke is the author of the popular handbook filled with positive and practical tips on fashion, beauty, food, home, work and travel: 'This is a Good Guide - for a sustainable lifestyle'. She is also a highly sought-after speaker, presenter and consultant, and is the co-founder of the international fair fashion trade show MINT. With over 15 years of experience of working with organisations such as the Clean Clothes Campaign and clients including ASN Bank, Amsterdam Fashion Week, PwC and Fairtrade International, Marieke has an extensive global ethical network. She’s featured in newspaper Trouw’s Sustainable Top 100, numerous top-women lists and was nominated as Amsterdam Citizen of the Year. Marieke is the go-to person for all things sustainable.
Find out more about her: https://mariekeeyskoot.nl and @mariekeeyskoot 

Hidde Boersma

Scientist (biologist), Journalist, (documentary- ‘Well fed’), Policymaker

Hidde Boersma is an award winning science writer and documentary film maker. He writes for daily newspapers and magazine like the Volkskrant and De Groene Amsterdammer, mainly on biotechnology, agriculture and ecomodernism. In 2017 he debuted with the documentary Well Fed, in which he shows how the resistance to genetically modified crops in the west, effects the lives of the farmers in poorer countries. He is a co-author of Ecomodernisme – het nieuwe denken over groen en groei, a book on a new techno-optimistic green movement, which believes in a green and prosporous future for all. Boersma holds a Ph.D in soil microbiology from the University of Groningen. Find out more about Hidde at: https://decorrespondent.nl/hiddeboersma



Aniela Hoitink

Sustainable production technology-fashion,Entrepreneur

After she completed a degree in Fashion Design at the Utrecht School of Arts in 1999, Aniela worked for various fashion companies (such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gaastra). She launched NEFFA in 2004 to creatively bring sustainability into the garment industry, looking more at adopting technology in material and production techniques rather than directly changing human behaviour. Aniela believes that distinctiveness and individuality in people and materials are the core elements that make the world an interesting place. By looking at natural processes, Aniela searches for solutions to the many social and environmental problems emblematic of the 21st century’s “disposable clothing” epidemic. These solutions often bridge ancient savoir-faire with modern technology and are bound by biological processes. She is revolutionising the future of fashion by developing personalised fashion and textile projects based on newly developed material and production techniques.
Find out more about her at: https://neffa.nl

Max Riché

Photographer, Documentary maker, Climate Education, Inspirer

Max Riché, a former engineer, is an environmentalist and award-winning portrait and documentary photographer and director based in Paris, and is alos the Creative Director of Triptych content studio. In 2009, he founded the global photography movement Climate Heroes, culminating with a major exhibition in December 2015 during COP21 in Paris. His projects have taken him to the Indonesian jungle in the company of Mentawai medicine men, and bathing among the throngs of pilgrims in India during Maha Kumbh Mela festival. As the Creative Director of Triptych, he now strives to tell important human, social and environmental stories in support of organisations voicing themselves on the front lines of a rapidly changing digital and global world.
Come and see his project at Climate Heroes: https://climateheroes.org



Lars Hein

Ecological economy, Economist, professor

Lars Hein is a professor of Ecosystem Services and Environmental Change and the deputy chair of the Environmental Systems Analysis Group at Wageningen University. Lars was previously employed as an environmental expert at the FAO/World Bank Collaborative Program between 1997-2002. He is a member of several advisory boards for both industry and international organisations, and has received a number of awards for his research including the prestigious Personal Grant from the European Research Council in 2010. He is one of the main contributing authors of the UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounting Experimental Ecosystem Accounting Framework (SEEA EEA, 2012) as well as of the SEEA EEA’s Technical Recommendations (2017).  
More information on Lars can be found at: https://www.wur.nl/en/Persons/Lars-prof.dr.-LG-Lars-Hein.htm

Roanne van Voorst

Writer, a social scientist, public speaker.

Roanne van Voorst is currently working on a new book that explores the future of a post-cruelty era: The End of Veganism. Roanne has conducted research all over the world, from the Inuit communities of Greenland to slums in Indonesia. She currently spends most of her time in Philadelphia, USA, but continues to travel around the globe in search of new insights to share with the world. Interested?
Find out more about her at: https://roannevanvoorst.com



John D. Liu

Documentary maker, researcher at NIOO and Ecosystem Ambassador for Commonland Foundation

After 15 years as a Television Producer and Cameraman for CBS News, RAI and ZDF, John began to study ecology. In the mid-1990’s he led to the creation of the Environmental Education Media Project for China (EEMPC), and has since distributed over 1,000 environmental films in China. The EEMPC also helped found the “China Environment and Sustainable Development Reference and Research Center (CESDRRC) and the China HIV/AIDS Information Center (CHAIN). Between 2003-2006, John was a visiting fellow at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of the West of England. In 2013 he received the Communications Award from the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER).
Here is the link for his documentary on global, large-scale ecosystem restoration projects titled Green Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBLZmwlPa8A

And the two winners of the TEDxWageningenUniversity Pitch night

Alex van Tuyll

British-Dutch student, ecosystems thinking

Alexander van Tuyll is a student of bio-systems engineering at Wageningen University. He is fervent about the potential of using ecosystems-thinking in transforming waste into high-quality food. At 16, he became interested in indoor hydroponic farming through homemade projects, wreaking havoc with his attic-grown chilli peppers. Since then, he has worked with the Association for Vertical Farming on a white paper, as well as participating in Wageningen University’s Urban Greenhouse Challenge with the team Green Spark.
You can find out more on his blog at alexgrowsup.com.



Charlie Williams

Artist, Designer

Charlie Williams is a new media artist and composer working with electronics, sound, software and video. He is also a guest artist working with scientists from synthetic biology, plant science and agro-food science groups at Wageningen University. His practice combines the physical (welding, soldering and woodworking) with the intangible (coding, composing, mixing). His software has been featured in Apple's App of the Day and in WIRED magazine's Top 100 Apps. He is currently creating an electronic artwork installation made up of a colony of ‘electronic plants’ which communicate via infrared signals.
Want to know more about his biomimetic electronics? Check out: http://c.harl.ie/wur100.html