The core team

The chairman of TEDx Wageningen University is Michiel Voskamp. Additionally, there are 5 core team members supported by two secretaries: Katie and Anusha.

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Public relations

PR & Design committee is responsible for communication, promotion and design of the event. Our tasks consist of communicating with external parties that can help our event becoming a success, coming up with cool and relevant social media content, setting up and maintaining the website  but we are also responsible for designing the stage. We do all of this in order to make your experience on the day of the event worthwhile. PR & Design committee consists of three people with different nationalities. Besides working hard, we know how to have fun in the process!



Speakers committee is responsible for the recruitment of speakers on the day of the event. Speakers from different domains and interest  are recruited to make sure the event covers a wide variety of talks on different topics. The speakers committee consists of people that are driven, ambitious and hard working. It is their job to scout those persons we believe inspire us with their ideas, innovations, companies and research.   



Attendance committee is responsible for the day of the event. Everything that you can do, talk about, engage arranging activities, workshops and things to-do on the day of the event. The attendance committee has the task to ensure that the/your day will run smoothly and is driven by curiosity and eagerness to learn. The attendance committee does everything in their power to

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Finance & Acquisitions

Finance & Acquisitions committee controls, distributes and lobbies resources that are needed to organise the event. Several business will be approached in order to agree on sponsorship deals or donation that will make it possible to organise the event. Sponsors are a great resource are they provide the resources, knowledge and support.


The logistic committee is responsible for making sure that everything in the months before, as well as on the day of the event is perfectly organised and runs smoothly. The logistic committee is composed of people with a passion for working as efficiently as possible but also to carefully select and plan ahead of tasks that need to be done.